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Buffalo Transit Riders United (BTRU) is a collective of transit riders working for a more efficient, equitable, and responsive public transit system in the greater Buffalo area. BTRU has been bringing riders and community leaders together to fight for transit justice since 2016.



Public transportation is a vital resource that intersects with many social justice issues including housing, racial justice, healthcare, food access, accessibility, climate and environmental justice, and economic justice. Reliable and accessible transit connects communities -regardless of race, income level, or physical ability- to necessary jobs, education, and activities. It brings opportunities to people often left behind.

We believe that the people closest to the problem, not corporations, are the ones who have the solutions. Riders have firsthand experience in the system,  giving them a unique perspective about what needs to change.  That experience should be valued and recognized by our regional transportation authorities as a vital knowledge resource, especially when making decisions for how the transit system functions.

BTRU is pushing our regional transportation authorities, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA), and our political leaders to give riders a voice in policy decision making. 

Riders deserve a voice in our transportation system


BTRU fought for and won a campaign in 2019 to pass the NY State Senate Bill S3656

This bill will require the appointment of a transit dependent and para-transit dependent representative as voting members of the boards of NY transportation authorities, like NFTA.

Currently BTRU is fighting to pass Assembly Bill a6168, which is the Assembly equivalent and will likewise require the appointment of two new voting members (transit dependent and para-transit dependent representatives) to the NFTA. 

Click here to sign our petition to support this action!

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