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Yes! I want to be a CEJ member and receive regular updates. In return I pledge to take action 5 times a year for my struggle as well as someone else's.


A few important definitions to help you navigate this process:  


The ability to influence change, which we believe is accomplished through the strength of Organized People and Organized Money.



There are many ways to be a leader with CEJ’s, but the underlying role is that of someone who helps to build the organization by spreading the word and helping to mobilize others and actively participate in the work. Without the invaluable work and passion of our leaders, CEJ could not succeed. The work only comes to life with the dedication of community members willing to help shape, lift up, and carry out the missions and goals of our campaigns. 



Members are people who identify with the organization in a concrete way and are willing and able to financially support, via dues, the work we do. Dues help to support staff and leader development and program operations, including training and event and meeting materials. You may choose to be a Monthly Sustainer or contribute an Annual Payment. Please find the dues breakdown chart and link to donate below!


Active Membership 

A person can be both a leader and a member. We encourage all members to engage actively in the work to the best of one's ability. We also recognize that direct financial support has a greater impact for some of our members. An active member is one who regularly engages in the work and pledges to fundraise for CEJ once yearly. This could include selling tickets for a fundraising event, hosting a house party, social media fundraising, or arranging a collection day at your church or block club. You can sign the pledge to become an Active Member for CEJ here!  



In addition to supporting campaigns and work that align with your values, all members will receive a membership card, are able to vote in board members at the annual business meeting, and may nominate potential awardees for CEJ’s Annual Award Celebration. 

membership structure chart .png
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